Ready Set Goals


The ReadySet Goals application was created to support the activity of goal setting as part of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment for substance abuse


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based therapy for adolescents in mental healthcare, and can be applied when treating behavioural problems, substance related disorders, problems with anxiety and mood, and others. However, drop-out percentages are relatively high.Technological products, as an addition to current mental healthcare, can be applied to lower the drop-out percentages within this context. However, if these technological interventions are applied, it is still possible that clients will not use it or will not use it often. Therefore, we want to study the possible additional effect of game-elements to technological products via the ReadySetGoal.


Through a personalized design process, the ReadySetGoal was developed. ReadySetGoal focusses on setting and achieving therapy related goals within CBT. A central and relevant aspect within all CBT-treatment is setting and achieving therapy-related goals. These therapy-related goals focus on different areas, like improving mood and psychiatric disorders or lowering the usage of substances. These “long-term goals” are changed into achievable, short-term goals for behavioural change within the daily life of a client. Long- and short-term goals are set by both clients and therapists, via a shared-decision making process. This ensures that the goals are therapeutically and personally relevant. It is important to support clients to set and achieve goals, because they do not achieve all the goals that they set. Because it is expected that achieving therapy related goals can positively influence therapy outcomes, ReadySetGoal challenges its’ users to not only set goals but also achieve them. This is done by the application of game-elements.